Technical Support Team

  • Jamie Robinson
    Veterinary Assistant / Training Coordinator

    Jamie has been at Sunset since June 2014, as an experienced veterinary assistant. She has been in the veterinary industry for 15 years! She started out as a kennel attendant in a large veterinary practice in Sacramento and worked her way up to a veterinary assistant for a veterinary dental specialist, Dr. Kornfeld. Jamie has attended a veterinary technology program and has gained experience in patient care, client education and emergency medicine. She really has become an essential part of the patient care team at Sunset! Jamie loves to do many things in her free time. She loves to make jewelry for her family and friends and has been known to sell a few pieces along the way! She gets outdoors every chance she gets to see our beautiful Pacific coast or just to take mini adventures to the mountains!  She resides with her fiancee and two adorable four legged friends Ansel the kitty, and Dutch her border collie. Jamie says the thing she likes most about the veterinary industry is her patients and the bonds she makes with them, while they are under her care. She says one of the most important parts of the healing process is making them feel calm and comfortable by trying to do things that relieve their stress and one of the ways to accomplish that is to talk to them and give them all hugs!

  • Alycia Lovingier
    Veterinary Assistant / Safety Coordinator

    Aly joined the Sunset team in September 2015, as a veterinary assistant. Prior to Sunset she worked as a customer relations representative, sales associate and she was a Nanny for 10 years! She had a few career options that she was wavering on and was reminded how much she loved animals when she worked at Petco. She obtained a certification as a Phlebotomist from Blake Austin College and following that she became a Certified Veterinary Assistant from Animal Behavior College.

    Aly is a sports fanatic! She loves baseball and football and she enjoys playing softball and riding quads. She played an excellent first baseman on our Sunset softball team! Aly has been married to her husband since 2011 and her family lives in Georgia. Her house is shared with her three kitties, “Manchester”, “Rooney”, and 'Giggs'. For relaxation she is able to enjoy the peace and tranquility of her 55 gallon fish tank!

    Aly says her favorite part of veterinary medicine is knowing that we are the voice for the animals when they can't speak for themselves. 

  • Jennifer Brambrink
    Veterinary Assistant

    Jenny has been with the Sunset family for about three years. She initially went to school to become a Technician Assistant but has since decided to further her education at UC Davis to become a nurse. Jenny has a thirst for knowledge and loves learning new and challenging things as well as teaching her two dogs Nova and Shatzie a bunch of new tricks. When Jenny is not being a full time student or working here she loves the outdoors. Whether it be hiking, camping, or going to the lake and having some fun she takes her two fur babies with her wherever she goes. Besides her two dogs, Jenny loves spending time with her family barbecuing and just hanging out at the house. Jenny loves a challenge and feels most successful when she is able to help a fearful dog feel more comfortable here with us. 

  • Cheryl Jonte
    Veterinary Assistant

    Cheryl is one of our technicians here at Sunset and has been here for almost four years. She has not always worked in the veterinary field. She was a manager for over 17 years at Ray’s Food Place, then decided to get into the Veterinary field. She worked at another clinic for about seven years as a technician assistant before coming to us. She has since furthered her education and went to Blake Austin College where she is now a Certified Medical Assistant, a licensed Phlebotomist, as well as an EKG technician. 

    Cheryl’s favorite job of all is being a mother of three children and a wife of over 26 years. Not only is she a mother or three but she has a house full of fluffy creatures such as two very sweet German Shepherds Jack and Eva, one Doberman Axel, two cats Gizmo and Truffles, a guinea pig Alice, and some chickens. Cheryl’s favorite part of working with animals is treating them as if they were her own. 

  • Tauna
    Technician Assistants


  • Maribel Valdez
    Veterinary Assistant

    Veterinary Assistant


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  • "The staff was professional, friendly, and very customer oriented not to mention the facility itself was very warm and welcoming. In addition to all of this, they have excellent clinic hours - great for us working folks."
    Naomi M.
  • "I come to this Animal Hospital annually for check-ups for my five furry feline children. I never have any problems with the Veterinarians or the Veterinarian Technicians. I would recommend Sunset to all animal owners."
    Melanie S.
  • "We followed our favorite veterinarian to this hospital and could not be more pleased. Everything from the customer service to the care that is shown to our animals by the staff."
    Chelsea K.