• Dr. Brandon Cohen
    Medical Director

    Dr. Brandon Cohen has been with Sunset Animal Hospital since July 2016. Even though he is a new veterinarian, he has 3 years under his belt as a veterinary technician. He obtained a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Minor in Chemistry at Cal State Hayward (now Cal State East Bay). Dr. Cohen received his BVMS (Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery) from Glasgow University in Scotland. In addition to his education, he has done several internships in the UK, United States, Thailand and Mexico, which in turn, gave him a broad range of experiences with veterinary medicine in different cultures. He continues to develop his special interests in Exotic medicine, Marine Mammal medicine and Emergency and Critical Care medicine through continuing education. Finally, to complement his education and experience he completed a rotating internship at Animal Specialty and Emergency Center in Los Angeles which covered Internal Medicine, Surgery, Emergency and Critical Care, Radiology and Cardiology.

    Now that Dr. Cohen has finished his long journey of vet school and with the support of both families, he has had time to focus on starting a family with his wife Leticia and this past January they welcomed their newborn son Alastair to the family. When it comes to “me time”, he likes to read Stephen King novels, listen to music particularly rock, metal and his guilty pleasure Lady Gaga! To exercise his surgery hands, he loves to play all video games! Finally, to balance his life by getting outdoors he likes to run, hike and camp. The Cohen house is filled with a variety of 'fur babies' to love, starting with “Fenrir” who is a sweet Chihuahua that has a larger than life attitude and a love for being picked up and carried, “Ardbeg and Tyr” his two Australian Kelpies who are brother and sister from a different litter that love to run, hike, and create mischief, the protector of the house and Alastair's resident nanny cat “Willow” a rescue kitty from his internship that never leaves their side, “Turtle without a name” a Red Eared Slider Turtle (yes, that is his real name), Jörmungandr Shoelace the juvenile corn snake, 'Demona' the gargoyle gecko, and his two furry cohorts, the ever elusive 'Tarot” who is sister to Dr. Miller's cat 'Harper and is often found sleeping in the Doctor's office and 'Rune' who is cousin to 'Tarot' and 'Harper' and enjoys coming to work and helping Dr Cohen make adorable videos of Alastair laugh while 'Rune' runs amok through the house.

    Dr. Cohen’s favorite aspect of veterinary medicine is being able to help a part of this world that cannot always help themselves. 'One Health' is very important to him and he can use that concept in this field as he treats pets, while experiencing the grateful attitudes from the people who love them. 

  • Dr. Sara Miller
    Associate Veterinarians

    Dr. Sara Miller has been with Sunset since August 2015 as an Associate Veterinarian. She did her undergrad at UC Davis and received a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science with a focus on dairy and beef cattle. Interestingly, she received a minor in Native American Studies and Literature and would love to talk about this very special area of personal interest. Dr. Miller received her BVMS (Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery) from Glasgow University in Scotland. In addition to her education, she has done several internships in the UK and California in small animal and large animal medicine. During her undergrad she had the opportunity to work both on a racehorse ranch and a goat ranch. So her experience in the animal industry is pretty broad. She loves to do feline and small animal medicine (particularly the docile little pet rats that come in). Dr. Miller has a special interest in cases that involve neurologic and metabolic disease and interpreting radiographs.

    She values her personal time hiking, reading and going to concerts to broaden her musical interests. She has a very close and small family that she shares her time with especially her twin-sister, grandfather, mother and father. Like all of us, she has a furry family made up of rescues that adopted her and her family. She has her kitties Mac and Nyx the sassy sisters, Seuss and Eddie the mischievous young boys, the matriarch of the group “Maggie” the Catahoula hound keeps them safe and all are ruled by the old tortoise shell “Cornelia Marie”. Her most recent addition to the family is “Harper” a very well behaved kitty that is a regular fixture in the doctor’s office with her cohort and sister “Tarot” (Dr.Cohen’s recent addition).

    When it comes to Dr. Miller’s reason for coming to work every day, it comes down to seeing sick pets, helping them heal and watching them walk out with their owners happy and back to health. Also, walking into her rechecks of once sick animals giving them a clean bill of health and knowing that she made a difference for that pet and their owner. 

  • Dr. Brittany Hill
    Associate Veterinarians

    Dr. Brittany Hill has been with Sunset since Sept 2015 as an Associate Veterinarian.  She did her undergrad at UC Davis and received her DVM from UC Davis where she focused on Equine and Small Animal Medicine.  After graduating, Dr. Hill took part in a one-year internship focused on Equine Surgery at Milton Equine Hospital in Canada.  After completing this prestigious internship, Dr. Hill spent one year performing House Calls where she honed her small animal medicine skills prior to joining the Sunset team.  Dr. Hill has always had a special interest in client communication, wellness, and senior feline medicine.  She feels that wellness medicine is a concept that needs to be started and maintained throughout the life of our furry family members as prevention is the key to avoiding any serious and complicated illnesses later in life.  Dr. Hill extends that train of thought and her loving care to all the animals she cares for at home as well. 

    Dr. Hill’s personal time is spent gardening with her Mom, taking care of the farm and all the responsibilities it comes with, and going out for the occasional horse ride to enjoy the comfort of the outdoors and her companions.  She has large extensive furry family that consists of her horses; “Evie”, “Andie”, “Ella”, “Polly” and “Tyrion” the mini horse, her cats; “Cleo”, “Roxy”, and “Lord Muck Half Tail”, her dogs; “Ringo”, and “Sugar”, and a plethora of poultry including Peacocks, Chickens, and Turkeys.

    Dr. Hill’s drive to come into work every day comes from her love of helping to educate clients about the furry members of their family.  She is aware of how important the Human Animal Bond is to everyone and she enjoys helping clients further enhance and extend that bond with their pets everyday she comes to Sunset Animal Hospital

  • Dr. Katie Castillo
    Associate Veterinarians

    Dr. Katie Castillo has been with Sunset since July 2018 as an Associate Veterinarian.  She did her undergrad at the University of Arizona and received a Bachelor of Science in Veterinary Science.  She then earned her Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from UC Davis.  Dr. Castillo has a special interest in small animal surgery and internal medicine.  She enjoys the immediate satisfaction of providing a solution with surgery and the problem solving and intuitive thinking that comes from internal medicine cases. 

    Dr. Castillo is a huge fan of the food and wine world and enjoys spending her time sampling new restaurants, tasting all the local wines that this area of California has to offer, and exposing her pallet to the plethora of craft beers that are also abundant in this area.  Being that she shares these interests in common with Dr. Cohen, Dr. Miller, and Dr. Szeto, it would not be unexpected to see the team out together enjoying some of their free time.  In addition, Dr. Castillo enjoys traveling and hiking either alone or with her boyfriend and furry family member “Zona”.  “Zona” is a 4-year-old German Shepherd who also enjoys the food and hiking world that she is exposed to as she accompanies Dr. Castillo on many of her adventures. 

    Dr. Castillo enjoys all aspect of her job, however her favorite part is the ability to use her knowledge to help both animals and humans together.  She is well aware of the importance of the Human Animal Bond and strives everyday to do her best and offer high quality medicine to our clients in order to further enhance and strengthen their Human Animal Bond.

  • Dr. Nora Szeto
    Associate Veterinarians

    Dr. Nora Szeto has been with Sunset since July of 2018 as an Associate Veterinarian.  She did her undergrad and UC Davis and earned a Bachelors of Science in Animal Science.  Dr. Szeto received her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Illinois.  She has had past work experience at the Surgical Research Facility at UC Davis as a surgery technician in addition to working as a lab animal technician the year prior to starting vet school.  Dr. Szeto holds a special interest in holistic medicine, surgery and small animal medicine.  She even hopes to extend on her interest in Holistic medicine and possibly attend the Chi Institute along side Dr. Cohen so that they can both bring the Holistic side of veterinary medicine to the Sunset team. 

    In her free time, Dr. Szeto likes to take the opportunity to capture the moment through photography, enjoy nature through hiking, ground herself through figure skating, and comfort herself and friends through baking.  At a young age, her passion for veterinary medicine was ignited by her (late) Grandfather as he was a veterinarian as well.  Her Mom and Dad have been her constant cheerleaders through her life who have always motivated her to push forward.  She also has an older brother who is always ready to offer advice. 

    Much like the rest of the team, Dr. Szeto surrounds herself with some furry members of her family.  She has a German Shepherd/Beagle mix whom she adopted from a shelter named “Cleo” who loves to accompany Dr. Szeto on her many hiking adventures.  She also has a Tortoise Shell cat named “Olive” who happened to be the first spay that she performed during her 3rd year of veterinary school.  She just fell in love with her and had to adopt her, and currently she is teaching her how to walk with a harness in the hopes that she will join Dr. Szeto and “Cleo” on their hiking excursions.

    Dr. Szeto feels very privileged to be entrusted with the unique bond that pet owners have with their animals.  She is very passionate about providing long and good quality of life for the furry members of your family through compassionate, honest, and high-quality medicine.

  • Dr. Anne Rice
    Associate Veterinarians



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