International Pet Microchipping

International Pet Microchipping in Fairfield, CA


Do you travel internationally with your pets? Are you planning to take a pet abroad for the first time? Whether your family is relocating or taking a long trip, you want your pets to be protected every step of the way. Moving or traveling always increases the risk of losing pets, but when the travel happens across oceans and national borders, these risks are especially scary. That’s why our veterinarian in Fairfield CA offers ISO standard pet microchips for traveling families.

Before you bring your pet to a new country, make sure you understand the distinction between ISO and non-ISO microchips, and why our veterinary team recommends international pet microchips in Fairfield.

Add Pet Microchipping to Your Travel Plans

Unlike collars, which can fall off or be removed, a microchip stays with your pet for life. This tiny chip, usually implanted between the shoulder blades with a syringe, emits a frequency that vets and shelters can simply scan. As soon as your pet is microchipped, their information (and your contact information) will be linked to their microchip’s serial number. If your pet gets lost, stolen, or separated from you, a vet can now scan their microchip to retrieve this crucial information and get in touch with you.

But what if your pet already has a microchip? Well, that doesn’t necessarily mean their chip will be useful in another country.

What Makes International Microchipping More Effective?

There are a few types of pet microchips, and they operate at different frequencies: 134.2 kHz, 125 kHz, and 128 kHz. The International Standards Organization (ISO) only recommends the first of these frequencies, because the other two cannot be detected by forward-reading scanners. If your pet gets lost in another country, you want to make sure their microchip is detectable by any type of scanner, including universal (forward- and backward-reading) as well as forward-reading scanners.

If you’re not sure what kind of microchip your pet has, look at the serial number. ISO standard microchips have 15-digit ID numbers, while others may have nine or ten. If you don’t have the serial number on hand, our vet in Fairfield will scan it again for you.

How to Protect Your Pet with an International Pet Microchip

At Sunset Animal Hospital, we want every family to stay together, especially our selfless military families who depend on their pets for well-deserved comfort and companionship. Whether your pet is moving to a new base or joining you for a summer in Europe, they deserve a fighting chance to get reunited if the worst happens. With an international microchip that meets ISO standards, your pet’s chances of being identified will increase. Invest in happy reunions, and make sure your pet has an international microchip before you leave.

Does your pet need an international microchip? We offer ISO standard pet microchips at our animal hospital in Fairfield, CA. Call us today at (707) 425-4050 to make an appointment for your pet’s international microchipping service.


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