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Frequently Asked Questions About Pet Dental Care in Fairfieldfairfield pet dentist

If you worry about providing the best possible health for your beloved pet, you may have lots of questions about pet dental care in Fairfield. Here are some answers from Sunset Animal Hospital.

Do pets have the same dental problems as humans?

By and large, pets are prone to the same dental and oral diseases as we are. Some pets also have additional troubles; older cats, for instance, may develop a painful condition known as tooth resorption.

What is periodontal disease?

Periodontal disease is a gum inflammation that a large percentage of pets experience by the time they're 4 years old. The inflammation is triggered by bacteria feeding on tartar, the hard substance that builds up on teeth.

How can periodontal disease affect my pet?

loss and eventual tooth loss. Pain when eating (or inability to eat), bleeding gums, drooling and other complications may also appear. Periodontal disease leads to gum loss, bone

Is bad breath in pets normal?

Bad breath in pets is not a normal situation; it's a sign of possible bacterial infiltration, tooth decay and/or gum disease. If your pet's breath has become noticeably bad, it's time to visit the pet dentist.

How serious is oral cancer in pets?

Oral cancer can prove deadly, partly because it grows and spreads so quickly and isn't always readily visible until it has become advanced. This danger would be reason enough to schedule regular exams from your Fairfield veterinarian.

What are the dangers of letting a broken/infected tooth go untreated?

A broken tooth is not only painful, but it also serves as an open door for serious infections. Without treatment from your vet in Fairfield, an infection can spread to other tissues throughout the body.

How often should I schedule a dental exam for my pet?

Most healthy pets should have a dental exam once a year so your veterinarian in Fairfield can X-ray the teeth and check for oral cancer. Pets with ongoing dental problems may require more frequent exams from your pet dentist. Pet teeth cleaning is typically performed at the time of the exam as well. 

What is involved in pet teeth cleaning?

Pet teeth cleaning is a procedure performed under anesthesia. Your Fairfield veterinarian removes tartar, including accumulations below the gum line. This eliminates the food source that attracts bacteria.

What kinds of between-visit care should I provide for my pet?

Your veterinarian in Fairfield can instruct you such helpful measures as brushing your pet's teeth, serving tartar-control foods and giving your pet chew toys that help scrub away plaque.

Get All the Answers by Scheduling Fairfield Pet Dental Care

The ideal way to get the answers to all your questions about Fairfield pet dental care is by scheduling the necessary procedures for your beloved animal. It's a great opportunity to discuss any dental issues that are discovered and obtain preventative care advice from your vet in Fairfield. Call (707) 425-4050 to make that appointment!


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