Pet Dermatology

We Offer Pet Dermatology in Fairfield at Sunset Animal Hospital 

The services we provide at our clinic are intended to be diverse and high quality enough to support the health needs of every animal that comes through our doors. That's why we're proud to offer pet dermatology in Fairfield among our many diagnostic and therapeutic vet care techniques.  Also, we offer skin scrapings at our veterinary clinic to maximize our ability to diagnose and treat skin conditions in pets.

veterinarian examining a small dog for a skin infection

Symptoms of Skin Conditions in Pets

Skin problems in cats and dogs are often easier to notice compared to other health problems. Be on the lookout for the following signs, as these may indicate your cat or dog could benefit from a consult with our pet dermatology vet:

  • Frequent itching, biting, scratching, and shaking
  • Hair loss
  • Hot spots (oozy, crusty, and irritated sores which may or may not heal well)
  • Evidence of fleas or mites
  • Dry flaky skin
  • Rashes and lesions
  • Swelling, lumps, and bumps
  • Redness 
  • Foul odor from the skin

Common Types & Causes of Skin Issues Seen by Our Vet Staff

What brings on these skin issues in the first place? Identifying the cause is crucial for proper treatment, so our pet dermatology vet staff employs the necessary tests and procedures to determine your pet's underlying cause or causes. Such factors often include:

  •  Allergies: to food, smoke, pollen, household chemicals, etc.
  • Mange (a contagious skin condition caused by mite infestation)
  • Fleas, ringworm, and other parasite infestations
  • Bacterial, fungal, and yeast infections
  • Dandruff
  • Autoimmune disorders (such as lupus)
  • Weather and climate changes (e.g., cold dry weather in the winter can lead to dry skin in humans and their animal companions!)

How our Veterinarian Treats Skin Problems at Our Animal Hospital in Fairfield 

Skin problems are unpleasant for you and uncomfortable for your pet, so if you suspect your animal is dealing with one, then contact our animal hospital in Fairfield right away for an appointment. A pet dermatologist in Fairfield can help your cat or dog by diagnosing the underlying cause of the skin problem and then implementing a customized treatment plan, which may include:

  • Medicated shampoos and topical ointments (to soothe inflammation, restore healthy skin, ease itchiness, etc.) 
  • Oral medications (to address both symptoms and causes)
  • Prescription diets and nutritional recommendations (including fatty acid supplementation to optimize skin and coat health)
  • Lifestyle recommendations (e.g., avoidance of known environmental allergens)

Looking for a Veterinarian in Fairfield CA Who Can Help Alleviate or Resolve Your Pet's Skin Problems? Contact Our Team Today

If you have concerns about your pet's skin health, contact a vet in Fairfield CA today by calling the Sunset Animal Hospital at 707-425-4050. We believe your pet deserves a healthy, shiny, and resilient coat and skin!


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