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Pet Nutrition with our Veterinarian in Fairfield, CA

Being a pet owner certainly comes with a lot of responsibilities, and providing proper nutrition is a big one. But many people these days have trouble figuring out their own nutritional requirements, let alone that of their pets. Savvy pet owners want to learn as much as possible about pet nutrition and pet food safety. As your preferred veterinarian in Fairfield CA, we wanted to take this opportunity to provide some details about pet nutrition to help you take better care of your animal. 

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The team at our local animal hospital in Fairfield reminds you that each life stage for pets will have different nutritional needs to take into account, just as humans have different requirements when a baby, adult, and senior. Relying on a pet food vet to give you answers to nutritional questions will be invaluable. We can be your information resource on all things having to do with pet nutrition.

Puppies and Kittens

If you have just welcomed a new kitten or puppy into the world, you have a lot of fun on your hands and your vet in Fairfield offers hearty congratulations! You also have a strong need to provide a lot of nutritious food to your small animal to make sure that it grows properly and continues to thrive. Look for high-quality ingredients in consultation with your vet in Fairfield. And look at your items carefully before leaving the pet food store. You don’t need to be a pet food safety expert to know that the packages you purchase should be intact and sealed.

Adult and Senior Dogs and Cats

Any expert on pet nutrition in Fairfield will be quick to tell you that as pets enter the adult phase of their life, they won't grow like they did when they were babies, and as a consequence, you may have to start cutting back on the food you offer them every day. Switch over to an adult formula, based on talks with your veterinarian. That’s the key to keeping your adult dog or cat as healthy as possible and avoiding unnecessary trips to the animal hospital in Fairfield.

Your pet nutrition veterinarian is keenly aware that senior dogs and cats do not tend to be as active as they were in youth, so you will need to start offering them fewer calories to keep them from growing fat.

How our Veterinarian in Fairfield Can Help

Your veterinarian in Fairfield has many years of experience evaluating dogs and cats to ensure that they are getting proper nutrition, thriving on the healthiest possible meals. If your animal is not getting the right kind of nutrition and this is adversely affecting its health (such as by having diabetes or becoming overweight/obese), you’ll need to get back on track as quickly as possible. It’s easier when you have a pet nutrition vet in your corner.

Your vet will be happy to sit down and discuss your animal’s nutritional situation. You may be advised to change the standard pet food you’ve been offering, to start using more scientifically controlled diet versions. The experience our vet has gained over the years will inform how we help create a special meal plan for your animal companion.

Common Pet Nutritional Needs Due to Health Concerns 

If your animal companion isn’t going outside as much to play with and chase other animals, run around or just explore its territory, chances are it is also starting to grow fat, if not obese. This is why your pet food vet may advise you to buy special, nutritionally balanced pet food. Just as humans sometimes find themselves needing to go on a diet to get rid of some spare pounds, so too should animals exert themselves.

So, your pet nutrition veterinarian may determine that your animal is fat enough to warrant going on special diet pet food. Or, if your pet isn’t thriving, the need to pack on some extra pounds will become evident. Again, the vet will be happy to provide recommendations on different food brands in terms of quality, price and nutritional value.

Make Sure You Are Providing Proper Nutrition: Make an Appointment With our Fairfield Veterinarian!

You’re already busy and don’t have a lot of time to do research, and there is no need to do that when you have access to a pet nutrition vet, such as the team at Sunset Animal Hospital. If you would like to ask us questions about pet nutrition or are interested in booking an appointment to bring your pet in to see a vet about better nutritional options, please connect with Sunset Animal Hospital today by calling (707) 425-4050.

How old is your new pet and what kind of animal and gender is it? We’d love to know, so please leave an answer in the comments box located below.


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