Pet Food Safety

Pet Food Safety with our Fairfield, CA Veterinarian

Most of the time people feed their pets foods that are perfectly safe. However, just like human food, pet food can carry harmful bacteria like Salmonella or Listeria. Basic pet food safety can be achieved by following a few simple steps recommended by our Fairfield veterinarian in to maintain a sanitary environment.

two husky puppies eating dry dog food out of a bowl

The Raw Food Conundrum

Raw food is supposed to mimic the way that dogs and cats eat in the wild, but it does come with some additional risks. The major issue that we see at our animal hospital in Fairfield is pets who have become sick. However, humans can also become ill after being exposed to contaminated raw food, as well.

When considering raw pet nutrition in Fairfield, weigh the pros and cons carefully with the help of a pet nutrition vet. If you do choose to feed raw, treat the pet food diet with all of the same care that you would when handling raw meat for humans:

  • Keep raw food frozen until use
  • Clean and disinfect anything that it comes into contact with
  • Do not allow it to come into contact with other food items
  • Have your pet eat in a designated area
  • Prevent children from coming into contact with raw food

Wet and Dry Foods

Any type of pet nutrition in Fairfield can be contaminated with harmful bacteria, including kibble and canned. However, dogs and cats are designed to handle these bacteria better than people do, so contaminated pet food often leads to sick people rather than sick pets. To minimize the risks, our pet nutrition vet reminds you to handle and store the food safely:

  • Use a dedicated scooper or spoon that you wash regularly to feed your pet
  • Throw out uneaten wet food after 30 minutes
  • Wash your hands after handling any kind of pet food
  • Do not allow young children to eat pet food

Signs of Possible Foodborne Illness in Pets

Whatever your pet eats, it is possible that they may become sick from their diet. If they display any symptoms of foodborne illness, consult your veterinarian in Fairfield immediately:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Fever
  • Decreased appetite

Food poisoning is not always dangerous for healthy adult animals, but our animal hospital in Fairfield sometimes sees severe cases. It is better to seek help too early than too late, so if you are ever in doubt, pick up the phone and call our veterinarian in Fairfield. A pet nutrition veterinarian from our staff is available to help.

Choose a Proper Diet with Help from our Vet in Fairfield

Here at Sunset Animal Hospital, we are proud to be your trusted Fairfield veterinarians who can help you choose a good diet for your furry friend. Call us today at (707) 425-4050 to make an appointment.

Our veterinarians can help you sort through the many options available in the pet food market and choose the best option for your companion and guide you with your pet’s nutrition.


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