Pet Surgery

Pet Surgery at Veterinarians in Fairfield CA

If your pet is in need of emergency pet surgery or elective treatments, it is time to find veterinarians in Fairfield CA who can provide this service. At the Sunset Animal Hospital we offer both emergency and non-emergency pet surgery. Our veterinarian Drs. Sara Miller, Brittany Hill, Brandon Cohen, Lea Bove, Bill Davis, and Anne Castro want to help your pet get the most out of life by using pet surgery when needed. Learn more about what to expect when you bring your pet to our animal hospital in Fairfield for a surgical treatment.

pet surgery

Spay and Neuter in Fairfield

The most common reason why we see pets for surgery is for spay and neuter services. This is an elective, non-emergency pet surgery that can help your pet live a healthier life. We suggest getting a dog or cat spayed or neutered when they are young, typically by eight weeks old, and before they have reproduced. By getting a spay or neuter and removing your pet’s reproductive organs, you help them avoid contracting cancers of the reproductive system. You also reduce their hormonal fluctuations, which can help these pets have a happier life if they are unable to fulfill their sexual reproductive urges.

Top Reasons for Pet Surgery

The most common reason why non-elective, emergency pet surgery is needed is to remove a noncancerous skin mass, as well as to treat skin abscesses and inflammation. Fortunately, there are ways to help protect your pet against these skin conditions. You can be proactive in helping your pet avoid skin conditions requiring surgery by getting them to see the vet in Fairfield annually for a checkup. Tooth extraction is another super common reason for emergency pet surgery. Getting your pet's teeth pulled can be prevented in most instances with regular pet dental care. We do offer pet dental care here at Sunset Animal Hospital, as well as tooth extractions.  

Types of Pet Surgery at Sunset Animal Hospital

At the Sunset Animal Hospital, we are trained and equipped to provide several types of pet surgery. These include spay and neuter to prevent reproduction. We also offer foreign body removal for pets. This surgery is useful for pets that have swallowed inedible objects or have foreign matter lodged in their ears, eyes, or nose. Another type of pet surgery in Fairfield we provide is lump removal. Whether your pet has a benign tumor or cancerous growth, or a lump that is causing issues with normal functioning, we can assist in removing the mass. Discuss your options by scheduling an appointment with our vet in Fairfield at the Sunset Animal Hospital.

Contact a Veterinarian in Fairfield for Pet Surgery

If you are ready to pursue elective surgery, such as spay and neuter, or your pet has a medical emergency, let your veterinarian in Fairfield assist you. Here at the Sunset Animal Hospital our veterinarians can assist your pet with foreign body removal, lump removal, spay, and neuter. Contact our office at 707-425-4050 to schedule an appointment. New clients are eligible for 15 percent off their first, non-emergency visit.


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