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Spay and Neuter Surgery from Our Veterinarian in Fairfield CA

Here at Sunset Animal Hospital in Fairfield, our veterinarian is a firm advocate of recommending spay and neuter surgery for your cats, dogs, and exotic animals. Beyond helping to control the pet population, when you choose to spay your pet or neuter your pet, you’re helping them live a longer, healthier and happier life. In fact, our veterinarian in Fairfield CA considers these procedures so important, we offer short this in-office procedure seven days each week.

veterinarian holding a cat and dog in Fairfield, CA

The Process of Surgery to Spay and Neuter in Fairfield

Once your pet reaches the juvenile stages—much like young adults often do—those natural instincts kick in and they seek out companionship. However, male animals can often ‘scent’ females looking to procreate, while females may exude a howling type of mating call to attract males.

This can all be resolved and you can prevent unwanted litters of kittens or pups with a simple and affordable spay or neuter in Fairfield. We give your pet a mild anesthetic and remove their testes or ovaries (depending on sex), and pets can typically return home the same day and be back on their feet with a day or two of bed rest.

Why You Should Neuter Your Pet

Our vet in Fairfield knows that it may sound inhumane to remove your pet’s testicles, but what if doing so could save your dog’s life? It can! Not only will they stray less from home and be at risk for injury during their travels, if you neutering your four-legged companion can stave off a number of cancers and tumors such as prostatic hyperplasia, testicular cancer, and prostate disease. Amid dogs, in particular, a condition known as prostatic hyperplasia can often be avoided, and the procedure also helps reduce their risks for aggressive behavior with guests, family members, and other household pets.

Why You Shouldn’t Hesitate to Spay Your Pet

Under a mild anesthesia, we remove your pet’s ovaries, which effectively stops their heat cycles. In female pets, you may have noted that they tend to bleed during their cycles—much like human females do—and this can be quite cumbersome to clean up and deal with during the process. Once spayed, this will cease, and your pet will stray away less often and will enjoy fewer chances of developing conditions such as breast cancer, mammary gland infections, uterine infections and ovarian cysts or cancerous conditions.

Contact Sunset Animal Hospital in Fairfield about Spay and Neuter Services

Are ready to inquire about services to spay and neuter in Fairfield to help keep them healthy and safe? Contact Sunset Animal Hospital in Fairfield today at (707) 425-4050 today to schedule a consultation or an appointment. We are open seven days a week and have generous hours for your convenience and offer extended emergency hours for those unexpected incidents. Come and meet our esteemed team of animal care professionals, and make us your vet in Fairfield of choice.


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