Pet Vaccinations

Pet Vaccinations in Fairfield, CA

Our compassionate veterinarian in Fairfield CA considers pet vaccinations a community-wide responsibility for pet owners and pet advocates. Our vets in Fairfield aims to not only provide loving care for all of our animals, but educational tools about vaccine importance to our community of patients.

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Core Pet Vaccines in Fairfield

Did you know that maintaining regular pet vaccinations ensures animal population control and safety to other pets and animals in the community? We offer core vaccines such as: 

  • Rabies
  • Parvovirus
  • Distemper
  • Hepatitis
  • Calicivirus

We suggest these core vaccines to all of our pets to protect them from various lifestyle risks and potential diseases. Our non-core vaccines may be more suitable for particular types of pets or pet lifestyles. Because we strive to provide individualized care to all our pet's needs, we will discuss with your which non-core vaccines may be ideal for your pet. 

Our Veterinarian in Fairfield Stresses the Importance of Pet Vaccinations

Our vet in Fairfield highlights the following direct and greater community benefits of maintaining regular vaccinations for your pet: 

  • Avoid unnecessary medical costs

When your pet is unprotected with regular vaccines we leave them vulnerable to contracting and spreading illness. Vet visits can become costly especially if your pet contacts an illness that requires ongoing medical care. 

  • Reduce rabies risk

Did you know that your pet can spread rabies not only to other pets but to humans as well? Children and elderly persons may be at even greater risk at coming into contact with an unprotected pet. Maintaining rabies shots helps protect your pet, other pets, and the entire community. 

Vaccines Are Safe For Your Pet

We love your pets like you do. Because we share this love, we stress patient education to keep them and the community safe. Some pet owners are concerned that a pet may be put in danger by certain vaccines. Our veterinarian in Fairfield is up to date on the latest research to always ensure the safety of your pet. We will never over-vaccinate a pet and administer pet vaccinations according to clinical research practices. 

Although serious side-effects are very rare, some minimal side effects from vaccines may occur. Following a vaccine we suggest you watch your pet for any of the following: 

  • swelling or inflammation at the site of injection
  • abnormal or unusual behavior such as eating, sleeping or bathroom habit changes
  • lethargy
  • disinterest in normal playful activities

These are normal side effects, but if they persist or if you are concerned in any way, do not hesitate to phone us. We are always happy to reassure our patients with a phone call. 

Is it Time for Rabies, Canine Influenza or Other Vaccination Updates for Your Pet? 

Is your pet due for pet vaccinations in Fairfield? Our veterinarian in Fairfield CA is ready to answer your questions and get your pet up to date. Contact us now to schedule your pet’s rabies and other pet vaccinations at our animal hospital in Fairfield at (707) 425-4050. 


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